The most recent roadscape paintings contain fragments of our world that are easily recognisable but not usually seen as subjects for painting. My aim is for the most ordinary motif to be transformed into an extraordinary object that is the painting. The qualities of the painted surface must override the subject, which must not detract from the fact that the canvas is a complete material object in itself that is an inquiry into the pursuit and act of painting.

I am fascinated with how paint as a material can express an idea when its expressive qualities are worked and exploited until I feel a connection with the subject again. The starting point may be sad or bad but the painting’s execution can produce a thing of beauty where the sheer enjoyment and satisfaction of its production is apparent, creating a tension between subject and surface.

‘….only painting as experience and individual practice allows one to give meaning to the chaos of the world and to forge a point of view from which to examine events, especially if they are small, insignificant and ordinary.’ – quote by Christopher Wool.