The jewellery includes hand made and painted pendants, beaded necklaces, rings, ear rings, wrist bands and cuff links. Once complete, the pendants or beads are threaded onto hand woven Kumihimo braided cords which I make to compliment the glaze colours. Any item can be made to order with your colour choices and style along with matching bracelets or earrings.

The jewellery is made by rolling clay on top of lace or crochet so that the pattern is impressed into the clay. Oxides and coloured stains are applied before a bisque firing. More oxides, stains and glazes are applied and then a final firing. If I am not happy with a piece it may have a third firing!

I use several clay bodies including a slightly grogged black earthenware, a smooth white as well as porcelain paper clay which is lighter to wear.

Commissions are welcome for individual pieces as well as jewellery sets for a group of friends or relatives to mark a special occasion